Romar Romp

 Saturday September 3, 2016
 Oakland Lion's Park,
11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Well it's ROMP time again.

The highlight of the year for us to get together with all of our grandpuppies and you. 

This is the same location as last year and I'm sure everyone who attended loved the park.

This place comes complete with washrooms and a covered picnic area

We are holding the cost at $10.00 per adult, kids under 18 free,
which like the last time includes your hot dogs, hamburgs, chips and drinks.
BUT any donations to the Oakland Lion's Club for the upkeep of the Park would be appreciated 

Meet old friends and make new friends
and of course we have the costume contest as always

Bring towels if you guys decide to go for a swim or lawn chairs for your extra seating comfort.

Please RSVP
 so I can get all the food in


For those coming from the east or west :
Get on the 403 either from the QEW at Burlington or from the 401 at
Woodstock and look for " Rest Acres Road" just west of Brantford
Turn south on "Rest Acres Road " ( also called hwy 24 South) and
drive about 16 km south to a traffic light at Scotland.
This is the Oakland Road
Turn left and go about 3km to Oakland.
At the flashing light in Oakland TURN RIGHT and go to the
bottom of the hill ( less then a couple of hundred yards)
  it is the only hill and you will see the Park
on your right side.
Turn right and and drive to the entrance of the Park.
Park on either side of the road in the Park which leads to the
covered picnic area.
If that area is full, park on the Park side of the road leading
into the Park.

For those coming from north of Brantford drive south to the 403,
either using hwy 6 or south on hwy 24 North or your favourite way to
get to Brantford. Then follow the directions above.

For those coming from the south, all I can say is to look at your
road map and determine whether you are better off getting to
Brantford and then to Oakland or driving to Oakland overland directly.
We may have got rained out the Saturday before and we didn't have as many people or beardies as normal
This is what happens when you get perfect weather with
 48 people and 42 beardies together at the Romar Romp

More pictures to follow

2012 Romar Romp