2010 Romar Romp

Romp Photo's


All those who made the Romp possible

With a special thanks to those extra special people who pitched in and helped with the set up, registration, BBQ, clean up and anything else that needed taking care of
With out all of you it wouldn't be possible
Appleby, Lisa, her mom and the kids Kramer  
Au, Romeo Benji & Bouncer  
Berlinghoff, Ted Yogi & Donnie  
Brett, Jim & Jan Sydney & Emma  
Canham, Kelly, Mackensie & Elaine Bert,  
Chiasson, Dan & Cindy Willow  
Chupka, Sylvia Amy  
Daub, Brian & Linda Mackensie  
Dickerson, Mike, Lenore and kids Daisy  
Elias, Allen, Marcy, Robin and friends Jasper  
Fleming, Keith & Laura Magic, Dallas & River  
Galea, Jason & Liz and girls Cree  
Goldenberg, Jeff, Barb and Jen Maestro & Jazz  
Graf, Lothar & Laura Bailey & Belle  
Grittani, Vince & friend Sue Igao  
Heaney, John and Chris Burbank- Oldest beardie at Romp  
Jack, David & Susan Martha & Lucy  
Joy, Suzanne Party & his litter brother Smirk (for Kim)  
Josefo, Jay & Wendy Charlie  
Langner, Herb Angel  
Leatch, Jim Rupert, Emma & Poppy  
Lee, Dennis & Ruth Lexi  
Lynch, Bob & Francios Claire  
McGarth, Jodie Molly, Frankie & Magoo  
McGarth, Susan Charlie  
Owen, Willa, Ruth & Greg Shields, sister , mother & brother Fable & Bouncer  
Paton, Liz & Peter Airdrie & Sanday  
Prouse, Phil & Sarah Chole  
Ragsdale, Rob & Susan Kelso & Jessie  
Roy, John & Mary Finley  
Scott, Tracy Sunny  
Smith, Don Macaulay  
Verity, Dick & Carol Iona & Skye  
Wilson, Connie Jessie & Fete  
Woodger, Ellen & Hildo Scout & Rudy  
Wylie, Bud & Wendy Stilton, Mickey, Ryder & Muffin