Water Baby Oliver Aug 1

Hi there,

Hope all is well with you both?

Life continues to be busy with us.

I have attached a few pictures of my babies for you, they have become good
friends. Oliver continues to be unbelievably silly bringing lots of
laughter to the house. Mandy has lightened her mood under his influence and
sometimes copies his behaviour. He has many times slightly fallen into the
pool by running around it too fast but always manages to only have one side
or one leg fall in and he saves himself, it is comical to watch.

Mandy has improved over the months (her coat) but we are having a follow up
thyroid done in a couple of weeks (initial one done in Dec). Her coat has
returned to a dark colour and Oliver has really gone light in the past few
months. She is much happier in recent months and does enjoy Oliver's
company now; they play endlessly at times. She too has become more loving
and looks for attention (I think she sees him getting hugs and kisses and
doesn't want to miss out)

I am proud to say that Ollie has matured, he does not eat shoes anymore, has
freedom in the house all the time, I admit I never thought we would see that
day. He has learned patience with commands and rewards and is very loving
but still a silly buffoon. He will challenge us when he is very tired, it
is quite funny, he goes to bed around 930, gets up once to pee and that is
it, if you even talk to him in his crate some nights he will be angry and
"grr" quite loudly. He thinks he scares us! He still only has one testicle,
what shall we do with him?

Take care,
Tracey and Mike
Mandy and Oliver

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