Jessie at the Cottage 2009

Hi Marsha, how are all your dogs, Jessie liked the cottage, she actually was swimmning. Kelso won't even put a paw in the water and Brodie only walked in it to cool off but she was actually swimming, we were all shocked. She does get car sick (even with gravol) but Kelso doesn't anymore so I am sure she will outgrow that.

We tried her outside of her crate for an hour last Sunday to see how she would make out (we have a crate on every floor for her and she likes her crate) we were gone for an hour (it was a test to see what she would do) she got into Rob's briefcase and had stuff everywhere. So she will have to be put in her crate still when we go out and noone is home. She is not afraid of thunderstorms, the storm last Thursday didn't bother her at all, Kelso was hiding downstairs in the laundry room. (I am looking at obedience classes for her for Sept) Talk to you later.


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