Donny D Captures Hearts

Hi Marsha
I was just wondering if the Romp was on for 09 i havent heard -- nice web site !
Donnie D is a sweetheart she's certainly won our hearts .She loves belly rubs and ear scratches and brushing (no hard pulling - she lets you know ) she is a dignified trouble maker -i put in a front glass door so they could look out on to the action of the street and if another dog approaches she goes and gets yogi first then they have a barking good time .People have told me her coat is looking beautiful this year and you did say it takes a few years sometimes for the coats to fully mature . She's not a fetch dog but loves to chase yogi -keeps yogi young and fit. Another funny thing is when i take her swimming she loves to lie down in the water and immerse her whole body kind of like cooling off-you can see the pleasure in her expression .Although she's never seen sheep im sure she'd be a natural judging by the way she reacts with yogi in the field - id love to introduce her to sheep if i knew of any instinct trials in the area.
Sometimes if i'm slow at getting her out for her run (i call it a romp--have to type that word quietly)she gives me a piece of her mind in the form of a verbal - non barking speaking tirade.In the morning we sayGood morning Donnie and she comes back with her version -more of a kindof yawn speak but she does it on cue .We love her dearly-if you already couldn't tell
Hope all is well

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