About Us

Our entry into the wonderful world of Bearded Collies began, as it does with many people , with a non-beardie. Many years ago, perhaps more than Marsha wants to think about, Marsha as a young girl had a dog called Candy. She was a wonderful little dog, but, like all mongrels, a unique combination that was impossible to find again after she died.

About 20 years ago we were at the dog show for no particular reason when Marsha pointed across the grooming area and shouted, "That's Candy!". Thus we met our first brown beardie.

Candy must have been a beardie cross ( or child of love as some romantics might put it) and thus began a 4 year search for our first beardie. The first 2 years were really just a matter of learning more about the breed and the breeders since we weren't in a position to have a dog at that time. But the 2 following years were dedicated to finding our own little brown beardie girl.

It does amuse me sometimes when I see folks deciding to get a beardie and being a little disappointed when there isn't one available immediately, particularly with the exact white pattern that they want. Some folks are lucky and they're just in the right place at the right time, but for most of us it's a bit longer. Actually, the time spent searching makes the eventual success that much sweeter and you meet a lot of very nice people and beardies along the way.

Finally we had our little brown girl, Windwhistle Raggmopp Carousel, Carrie for short, and our wonderful journey was truly begun.