CH Romar's Kiss and Tell

Or better known as Spring is the "baby" in the family.  She may be 8 1/2 but she will always be the baby.  This is the position she plays and how she gets away with most anything she wants from both the older girls and us.  Spring's mom is Autumn and we really were expecting another pagent princess, but as I have learned over time never expect anything when you own a beardie. 
See photo's below - many thanks to Wendy who took the herding pictures for us.
We had been doing herding lessons with Penny and decided to take Spring with us just to see if she would even be interested in sheep.  Well what a surprise, she was not only interested in sheep, she was a natural.  She started herding lessons the next week and in 6 weeks earned her AHBA Jr Herding Dog title.  We would have continued but the place we were going to for lessons was sold and the next closes place was a 3 hr drive.  If we ever win a lottery it would be sheep for Spring
Spring is my special girl.  She was the first of our girls that I showed to her title.  She probably would have done better with a handler but we are a team and although I love all of our guys Spring has a special place in my heart.

CH Romar's Kiss and Tell

Spring, Brown, 01/04/2001

DCH Paisley CR Dasher At Oak Mdws

DCH Bedlam's Lanslide

Chase, Brown

Raggmopp raggtime

Pippa, Brown