And so it started. We know knew what breed we were looking for. And she had to be brown.

The first couple of years we really weren't in a position to get a dog, but we used the time to learn more about the breed and the breeders. It then took another 2 years of hard searching to find our special little brown fuzz ball.

The next few months were a revelation. A cuter, smarter dog you couldn't find. She was cuddly. She was loveable. She was full of herself. She was headstrong. (Did I mention that we probably made every mistake that you could make while raising Carrie. But we all survived.)

After a few months I happened to be talking to some beardie people and said, "Boy, if this is what the girls are like, what are the boys like?" The response was, "Oh, didn't anyone tell you?" Seems that in the beardie world it's the girls who are the strong willed, adventurous, independent little souls. The boys are the laid-back, go with the flow, follow you around the house, fall asleep by your chair, kinda guys. Admittedly these are generalizations and while there is a spectrum to the nature of both sexes, be prepared.

While circumstances kept Carrie from getting her championship, ( A scarred-up nose from regularly scraping it on the ground at a dead run while retrieving her toy,and using it to open the screen doors.) Carrie gave birth to enough champions to more than qualify for her ROM and ROMI.

Sadly Carrie passed away a couple of years ago at the grand age of 16 but she took her position at the head table as a member of senior management as well as her position in our hearts as the first and always the best.